. 65th Annual Meeting
. of the International Society of Electrochemistry .
International Society of Electrochemistry
International Society of Electrochemistry
International Society of Electrochemistry
International Society of Electrochemistry

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Frequently Asked Questions

Travel information
Airports and Train schedule
How to travel from Geneva Airport to Lausanne?
Lausanne City
Lausanne Bus and Metro Schedules
Swiss Electric Power Plugs and voltage
Switzerland Tourism

Conference Information
Payment Information
Presentation Instructions for Speakers and Posters
Conference Venue Address
Can I park at the Swiss Tech Convention Center?
How to arrive at EPFL Swiss Tech Convention Center?

Travel information

Flying to Switzerland with STAR ALLIANCE
ISE has secured preferred rates for all delegates - simply quote the conventions code. You'll also have access to the Star Alliance Travel Information. As a Conventions Plus delegate, you can access the flight schedules of 28 airlines across the world in one place: Here, with 1,328 airport destinations and 1,000 lounges in 195 countries at your fingertips, researching your options is fast and easy.

It is the traveler's responsibility to obtain the necessary passport and visa for entry to Switzerland ( http://information.epfl.ch/Switzerland/visa ).
A invitation letter can be obtained from the conference website http://members.ise-online.org/members/invitation_letter.php?conf_name=annual

Geneva Airport

Zurich Airport

Swiss Train Schedules

The Swiss Pass
 The Swiss Pass (http://www.swiss-pass.ch) affords you unlimited travel on Swiss Travel System's public transport network on either 4, 8, 15 or 22 consecutive days or one entire month.

How to travel from Geneva Airport to Lausanne?
a. By train
The airport offers connections to the Swiss and European rail network. The CFF airport railway station has direct access to the airport Check-in and Arrival levels. All trains stop at Geneva-Cornavin station (city center).
Tickets can be purchased at the distributers in the train station (Swiss francs, euros or credit cards), at the station ticket wickets, at Ticket Shop CFF (https://www.cff.ch/ticketshop/b2c/sprache.do?en)/ or – on landing in Geneva - in the baggage claim area (Arrivals level).
Single fare rate from Geneva Airport to Lausanne: CHF 26.-
On line timetable: www.sbb.ch/en/

b. Via shuttle services (24h/24h – 7/7 – door to door)
Rates starting from CHF35.- to CHF60.- per person, one way.

Lausanne City

General Information

Tourisme Information

Public Transport
The Lausanne Metro system includes two lines, the M1 and M2. The M1 links the center of Lausanne, the Lausanne campus (UNIL and EPFL) and Renens. The M2 crosses the whole city of Lausanne from north (Epalinges) to south (Ouchy).
The Lausanne bus/trolley network has 69 regular lines (see map below).

Lausanne Transport Card
This personal card gives free travel on Lausanne’s public transport system in zones 11, 12, 15, 16, 18 and 19 (2nd class) for each guest staying in a hotel and paying the tourist tax for overnight stays. The card is issued by the hotel on check-in and is valid for the duration of the reservation, including the day of departure.

Taxi in Lausanne
AB Taxis, 0800 220 250, www.ab-taxis.ch
Allô Taxi, 0800 907 907, www.allotaxi.ch
Taxiphone, 0844 810 810, www.taxiphone.ch
Taxi Services, 0844 814 814, www.taxiservices.ch
Taxi Swiss, 0800 820 810, www.taxiswiss.ch

Where to eat in Lausanne?

Vegetarian Restaurants in Lausanne

Bus and Metro Schedules


There is no obligation to tip anybody in restaurants, cafés, bars, hotels - or in establishments like hairdressers.  All service charges are included in published prices. Waiters here are paid decent salaries – and so do not depend on tips for their livelihood. However many people here in Switzerland do add a small tip when they are satisfied with the service.

The currency is the Swiss franc (CHf): divided into 100 centimes.
Coins: 5, 10, 20 and 50 centimes and 1, 2 and 5 francs.
Banknotes: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 1’000 francs.

As Switzerland is not a member of the EU, it still uses the Swiss franc. To allow comparisons with other European countries, prices are often quoted in CHf and in EUR. In many shops it is possible to pay in EUR, but you will be given change in CHf.
1 Euro = 1.20 Swiss francs (indicative rate).

For current conversion rates go to OANDA Currency Converter: www.oanda.com/convert/classic

Credit Cards
All though credit cards are used more and more, the swiss "pay-culture" is more cash or debit - cards oriented. The more common cards used are VISA and MASTERCARD, American Express and Diner's rarely appear. You must always check before entering a store, there will be stickers in the window display. Check with the cashier as well before he/she runs up your items. It can often happen that there is a minimum limit on the sum you can pay with credit card.

Visitors needing cash will find that the most convenient way of getting francs is via ATMs.  They are easily accessible everywhere and are usually your best bet for getting cash at the current exchange rate.  Currency exchange can be found in most SBB/CFF train stations as well as in any bank though there is usually a fee charged for each exchange. 

Phone Calls
The country code is 41. The area code is 21. For phone calls to Switzerland, dial 0041-21.

Useful phone numbers
117 Police (only for crime, theft and emergencies)
118 Fire service
140 Road service
144 Ambulance service
145 Poisoning
112 International emergency calls from a mobile

CHUV – Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois
+41 (0) 21 314 11 11
Central number for doctors and dentists on call
0848 133 133
Pharmacie 24 (below the main station)
Open 7/7 from 8am to 12pm
Avenue de Montchoisi 3, 1006 Lausanne

Nine WiFi access points are available in the main squares of the city: Flon, Palud, Riponne, Saint-François, Montbenon, Navigation, Port, Automobile Service and La Blécherette Airport. In addition, many hotels and cafés provide WiFi free of charge.
Free wireless Internet access will be provided at the conference center.

Swiss Electric Power Plugs and voltage
220 V
This is what the Swiss power plug and power outlet look like (not in true scale !):

Description:  Swiss power outlet ]
The distance between the pin at the top and the pin at the bottom is 19 mm. This dimension is the same in most European countries. On the picture above, the pin at the top is connected to phase and the pin at the bottom is connected to the neutral line. The pin in the middle is connected to ground, this pin is optional on the plug. This pin layout is found in Switzerland only.

VAT Rates in Switzerland (TVA)
Normally VAT amounts to 8% of the taxable turnover. This rate applies to food and drink consumed in restaurants and hotels. However, the cost of a night spent in a hotel (including breakfast) is taxed at the special rate of 3.8%.
A reduced rate of 2.5% applies to certain everyday consumer goods such as foodstuffs, non-alcoholic beverages, books, newspapers, magazines, medicines and tickets for certain sports and cultural events.

Switzerland Tourism

Conference Information

Payment Information
Bank transfer payments -only until 31 May or upon special request at events@ise-online.org
Bank transfers can be accepted if the following instructions are followed exactly. (Bank transfer payment guidelines)
If you do not follow these instructions and we receive a bank transfer notification with no mention of the participant ID, it is impossible to assign the payment to a person. No bank charges should be charged to ISE.

Presentation Instructions for Speakers and Posters
Presentation guide for keynote, oral and poster presentations

Conference Venue Address
The Swiss Tech Convention Center
Rue Louis Favre
1015 Ecublens
phone 021 693 42 68

Google map

Can I park at the Swiss Tech Convention Center?
100 indoor parking spaces are available for the conference participants at a daily rate of CHF 10.00. 

How to arrive at EPFL Swiss Tech Convention Center?

By public transportation
Line M1 of the TL (Transports lausannois) takes you from the center of Lausanne (Flon) or from Renens station to the EPFL Metro Station.
Bus lines TL (Public Transports of Lausanne area) and MBC (Transport Region Morges) run in western Lausanne:

  • MBC bus 701 (Echichens, Morges, Préverenges, EPFL, Bourdonnette-Lausanne)
  • MBC bus 705 (Lonay , Prévrenges, Denges, Echandens, Ecublens, EPFL)
  • TL bus 31 (Renens-Gare, EPFL-UNIL, Saint-Sulpice, Venoges)

Tip: Take the Express Network Vaudois (trains) or SBB long-distance trains to Renens (VD), and then TL-M1 line in Renens station to EPFL Metro Station.

By car
By car, on the motorway, follow direction "Lausanne-Sud", exit "EPFL".

Les Arcades – Shopping and Service Mall
Next to the Conference Center you will find a shopping area with grocery stores, health hub, restaurants, cash dispenser/ATM, hair and care and bar-pub.




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